Jason Boswell raised £1300. The money will fund a pulse oximeter

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On 6th June I completed my first Triathlon, at Blenheim Palace. The swim stage was going to be hard enough, as three months before the triathlon I could barely do 25m in the pool, and the swim at Blenheim is 750 meters of “open water” (in a lake, basically), but then, to make matters worse, it was followed by the 20K cycle and a nice little 5K run.

I did it for two very unequally important reasons; firstly, to prove a point that at my old age I’ve still “got it” (whatever that is!), but mainly to raise some funds for “First Touch”.

For those who don't know, the NNU at St George’s Hospital in Tooting cares for some of the most vulnerable and premature babies in the South East in its intensive care and high-dependency units. Over 500 new-born babies every year are looked after by the medical and nursing staff; my God-Daughter, Isabel, spent many months at the NNU when she was first born, weighing less than one kilo.

As much as I have grumbled about my back-to-basics swimming lessons, getting up earlier than the sparrows to go cycling, or bemoaned my aged, aching knees, nothing I do compares with the effort these small babies show in getting through their ordeals, or the sheer determination of their parents to pull them through. It can be truly exhausting, but life-giving.

Jason Boswell

Jason Boswell with his co-Triathlete, Richard

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