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On Saturday 12th July Holly Pask's parents, Ben and Cathryn took part in the ‘TOUGH GUY NETTLE WARRIOR’ to raise funds for First Touch.  This is a run over an assault course involving rope climbs, log lifting, hill running, five foot high nettles and … a cavern full of dangling electric shocks! 

The course took Ben 3.5 hours to complete and was certainly up there with the marathon in terms of difficult (stupid) things he's done. Cath ran a shorter version, persuaded a course marshal to run with her and act as her personal Chaperone, completed in 30 mins and is delighted that she "beat" Ben.  Cathryn apparently also used her diminutive stature to her full advantage, by crawling under most of the obstacles that she was supposed to climb over!

Ben and Cathryn's efforts have also raised a brilliant £1350 for First Touch.

Holly Pask with parents Ben and Cathryn

Holly Pask with parents Ben and Cathryn

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  • Donations received so far - £50
  • Target of total funds for the year - £210,000