Philip Symons and his colleagues raised £3612, plus £2000 matching funding from his employer, Marks and Spencer.

Your fundraising stories

Our team participated in the Samworth Challenge on Saturday 13th June 2009. The challenge took place around Coniston and Coniston Water. We completed a 14km Walk with a height gain of 1056m, Canoed for 11km and then just to finish us all off, ended with a bike ride of 30km with a height gain of 500m. The team also all had to complete an abseil as part of the challenge. Visit for more information.

We chose to support the Neonatal unit at St Georges Hospital , Tooting as Philip’s children were born and cared for there. Isabelle & Benedict were born 13 weeks early with Isabelle weighing only 860g. In the weeks that followed there were many ups and downs but we always knew that they were in the best place. All the staff there are incredibly dedicated and loving and that combined with state of the art equipment ensured they survived their first few weeks. They are now very healthy and strong three year olds! The money raised will go towards essential life saving equipment without which many of the tiny babies would not be here today.

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  • Donations received so far - £50
  • Target of total funds for the year - £210,000