Richard Cullen raised over ₤550 in sponsorship by running the British 10k London Run.

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The run went brilliantly and I even managed to surpass expectations with my time. Most importantly, I've raised over ₤550 so far for the neonatal unit at St George's Hospital and I'd like to thank my generous family and friends for this. A few passers-by also handed me cash after the race, after I'd told them who I was running for. I am absolutely delighted that the money will be put towards a new transport incubator, which will be used to transport sick and premature babies to and from St George's.

In 2007, my son Charlie was born 7 weeks early and spent 2 weeks on the neonatal unit. The unit's care of Charlie and the emotional support they gave us during such a difficult time was incredible. Charlie is now a very normal and happy 2 year old!

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Richard Cullen

Richard and his son, Charlie after the race

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  • Donations received so far - £50
  • Target of total funds for the year - £210,000