Tammy Newberry has raised over £1,300 for First Touch by selling her homemade Easter decorations and through sales of Phoenix Cards.

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When my wonderfully creative mother turned up at my house to give me some beautiful Easter decorations she'd made, my friends instantly fell in love with them and suggested she make a few more. Their enthusiasm gave us a great idea. Mum and I decided to make 20 more bunnies, sell them to friends and donate all the proceeds to First Touch. But we had wildly underestimated the huge demand for our stitching, sticking and stuffing skills! 320 bunnies, and some very sore fingers later we were surprised but very proud to send a cheque to First Touch for £1,000. A Christmas decoration is in planning…

I also sell Phoenix cards and donate 10% of all my Christmas sales and web sales to First Touch (www.phoenix-trading.eu/web/tammynewberry), and have donated an additional £375.

First Touch is a charity very close to my heart. Max was born at 42 weeks looking very healthy but rapidly deteriorated as unbeknown to us he had a condition called Hirchsprung’s Disease. The wonderful neonatal unit at St. Georges cared for Max for a fortnight. Their care of Max and support to my husband and I was amazing through that very stressful period of our lives and we will be forever grateful. They also saved the lives of my best friends beautiful twin boys, Harry and Felix, who were born very early and are now energetic and gorgeous 2 year olds.

Tam Newberry

Tammy Newberry's son, Max inspired her to raise funds for the unit

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  • Target of total funds for the year - £210,000