Long term supporter Tim Robinson raised £3000 doing the London to Paris Cycle Ride. The money is part funding a Sipap machine.

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I went cycling with a dozen friends from London to Paris between 1 - 3rd May. The trip entailed cycling about 120km per day with a sleep on the ferry on night one, in mid -northern france on night two and finally arriving at the Eiffel Tower on sunday to hoist the Union Jack.

Why did I decide to raise money for St George's Neonatal Unit? Simple, my daughter was born there at 27 weeks gestation and weighing less than one Kg. The fantatstic staff (and equipment; once a techie always a techie!) saved her life and she is now a healthy (and suitably opinionated so entirely normal) 16 year-old young lady. Any donation people gave, especially in these tough economic times, is really appreciated by the staff and parents. Especially the parents who dont yet know they need the unit.

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  • Donations received so far - £50
  • Target of total funds for the year - £210,000