First Touch joins forces with Bliss to fund groundbreaking post


First Touch is excited to announce the appointment of Bobbie Everson and Lyndsey Hookway, who will be job-sharing the new Family Centred Care Co-ordinator post. The post was initially the brainchild of Mary Goggin, the unit's Practice Educator and First Touch trustee, and was then developed in partnership with Bliss and the South West London Perinatal Network.

The Family Centred Care Co-ordinators will be based on the neonatal unit at St George's, providing direct support to families. Caring for a sick or premature baby's entire family is widely recognised as a crucial part of their overall clinical care, making a positive contribution to the long term health and wellbeing of the baby. This is the most expensive project that First Touch has ever committed to fund and we are confident that it will greatly enhance the experience of the babies and their families.

We are looking to raise £75,000 over the next three years for this important project. If you are interested in helping us meet this goal, please do get in touch.

We would like to thank Bliss and the South West London Perinatal Network for supporting the neonatal unit at St George's.

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Photo courtesy of Wimbledon Guardian

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  • Donations received so far - £50
  • Target of total funds for the year - £210,000