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Current Campaigns


Most of the funds we raise go towards purchasing vital pieces of equipment. The neonatal unit's equipment committee meets regularly to discuss the current needs of the unit and to prioritise these needs. After ascertaining which equipment can be funded by the NHS Trust, they then put their outstanding wish list to First Touch, which is discussed and approved by our board of trustees.

Due to our supporters' incredible committment and tireless fundraising during the year 2013/14 we were able to purchase a state of-the-art Giraffe incubator, 6 breast pumps, breast feeding pillows, saturation monitors, infusion pumps, 2 portable ventilators and 3 blood pressure monitors.

Already for this current year beginning April 2014, we have been able to purchase a Toshiba Paediatric Cardiac Probe, 5 Nellcor hand held oximeters, 2 Nellcorr mobile monitors and accessories, 2 Nellcor hand held oximeters with capnograph and a trolley for transporting babies in incubators between hospitals.

For July 2014 we are fundraising for the following pieces equipment:

2 Astodia cold lights - £800 approx each

2 Neopuff infant Resuscitators  - £750 each

1 Transcutaneous bilirubin meter (for non-invasive detection of jaundice)  £4500

We are also continuing to raising funds to refurbish the Parents' Sitting Room and Quiet Room as part of our committment to the welfare of the families on the nnu and continue to fund the Family Centred Care Co-ordinator role and other small family welfare projects. 

We are very pleased to let you know that in the 2012/13 financial year we were able to purchase two ventilators, a breast milk pasteuriser and developmental care equipment. We would like to thank all those who contributed to these hugely important items. Thanks to a number of generous donations we also reached our £55,000 target to purchase a new state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner for the unit. This is now in use on the nnu and is helping doctors in making accurate assessments and diagnoses of many of our babies, thus leading to improved quality of care and management. Neonatal Consultant, Dr Donovan Duffy explains: 'Ultrasound is a powerful tool in use on our neonatal unit each day. It is portable, readily available and safe. It does not involve radiation and does not require sedation. The main applications for ultrasound include brain, heart and abdomen.'

We are delighted that our ground-breaking Family Centred Care Co-ordinator role is being extended.  Bobbie continues to make a huge difference to the experience of the parents on the unit. This three year post was developed by St George's staff in partnership with Bliss and the South West London Perinatal Network. First Touch has committed to contributing around £75,000 to the post over an initial three year period, which is the largest single funding commitment in the charity's history. Please read the full story http://www.first-touch.org.uk/news/news-article/items/fccnurse.html. We look forward to letting you know more about the impact Bobbie is having in the near future.

In addition to equipment and the Family Centred Care Co-ordinator posts, we continue our commitment to family welfare and to specialist clinical staff training on the neonatal unit. Please contact us if you would like to know more about this.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support of the neonatal unit at St George's. We could not achieve what we do without you. Any significant contributions to specific campaigns can be acknowledged with a small brass plaque placed on the equipment purchased. Please ask Louise or Sarah for more details about this.

Donations make a huge difference to all babies cared for on our neonatal unit. Please get in touch if you can help.


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