Where your money goes

Thanks to our dedicated and generous supporters, we raise over £200,000 each year. We are indebted to the donations we receive from individuals, families, schools, businesses and charitable trusts. Whilst the majority of the money we raise is spent on vital pieces of equipment, we also assist in funding specialist staff training and a Family Centred Care Co-Ordinator and have a welfare fund to help families during their stay on the unit.

To give you an idea of how the money is spent, below is a list of some of the vital equipment we provide with the help of our supporters:

Equipment Costs

Ventilator £25,000
Transport Incubator £36,000
Incubator £15,000 – £30,000
Monitor £12,000
Asena intravenous pump £1,400
Specialist cots £1,300
Apnoea monitor £600
Breastfeeding chairs £350
Developmental items £50 each
Christmas stocking for a baby on the NNU £10

These monitors cost around £12,000 and will help staff to detect immediately if a baby is in distress


Incubators cost from £15,000 and are vital to keep premature babies warm, safe and free from germs