We recognise that having a baby on the NNU can be a time of extreme trauma and stress.  Through the process of counselling we aim to help parents to discover ways of coping and to feel more in control as parents.

In her role as Counsellor, Sally Doyle supports parents with particular emphasis on their emotional needs whilst having a baby on the NNU at St Georges. This can be done in an informal way, chatting to parents in the nursery, or as is often the case, Sally will see parents in a quiet place to consider and explore the things that are causing most concern and worry.

A key part of the role of the counsellor is also to support bereaved parents. This may involve regular and ongoing counselling sessions and sometimes supporting parents through the next pregnancy, which can often be a time of extreme anxiety.

Sally also helps to organise the Annual Memorial Service in which parents and their families are invited to come together in memory of their loved and lost babies.

Sally works on the unit 3 days a week and is able to be flexible in terms of seeing parents at a time to suit them.  She also facilitates a weekly Parent Support Group, where parents can come along and discuss ways of supporting each other through sharing their experiences of life on the NNU.

If you would like to contact Sally, you can leave a message on 020 8725 4733.

SANDS (Stillbirth and neonatal death charity)

Child Bereavement Charity

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Our annual Memorial Service helps us
to remember every precious life, however short