Thank you NNU!

We’d like to share this lovely letter we recently received from the Chapman family:


Dear First Touch/NNU

We just want to thank you and all your staff for all the amazing work you do day in, day out. After giving birth at St George’s and spending 10 weeks In the neonatal unit, we finally made it home last week. The team that looked after Harrison was absolutely amazing. We would like to say a special thanks to the following staff:

Bobbie (family liaison) for being so understanding and helping us with accommodation and all the forms for help.

High Dependency staff – Fatou, Tayo, Dennis, Connie and Stephanie for all being amazing everytime we ended up in there.

Special care – Lucila (medical nurse) , Donna (medical nurse), Maddie, Benitta, Georgia, Cristina Ellie and Enny and Ines for being so caring and showing so much love to Harrison during his stay and always reassuring us and helping us to get through the hard times.

Cathy (special care manager) – for all the support each and every time Harrison bounced back from Special Care to Intensive Care and for all the support throughout all his operations.

Barbara (sister in charge of SCBU) – for always bringing happiness into the room and making everyone feel as comfortable as they could be. 

Claire (sister in charge) – for being so supportive throughout our stay. Always checking in to make sure we’re okay, and for being so understanding. 

Rob (special care) – we don’t know how to thank Rob. He is phenomenal, the care he showed Harrison melted our hearts. Rob is someone we could leave Harrison with and feel completely comfortable. From day one, Rob showed passion in looking after a spina bifida baby and showed passion in encouraging Harrison to learn bottle feeding. He supported us with bottle feeding when he was in (Harrison couldn’t coordinate the suck, swallow, breath pattern and Rob gave us tips). He is just truly amazing to the team! 

Jemima (special care) – we don’t even know where to start with this girl. Her love for harrison was out of this world. She looked after all them babies as if they were her own. She was always so gentle and so caring with Harrison and it put us at ease when leaving him for the night. She was just like a family member who brightened our day when we walked in. She would always have Harrison out of the incubator/cot if he was awake and she would interact with him. She’s truly amazing️.

Paige Chapman and Wesley Chapman 

Parents of Harrison Chapman