Taking your baby home

You will have looked forward to taking your baby home for weeks, possibly months, but when that moment comes, naturally this exciting step can also be a worrying one. Your baby is coming home because the staff on the unit feel he or she is well enough to leave the hospital and they are confident that you can care for your baby at home. The neonatal staff understand your feelings and there are many ways in which they will help to prepare you to take your baby home and give you information on the types of help available once you are home.

Preparing for leaving the hospital
The Neonatal Unit has facilities where you can ‘room in’ for one or two nights and practice caring for your baby independently, but within easy access of staff if you have any questions. Rooming in can help you build up confidence and realise that you are capable of caring for your baby. First Touch supports families as they prepare to go home by funding meal vouchers for rooming in parents.

Before you leave
The Discharge Nurse, will run through things with you. You can ask her to clarify any medication your baby will need and discuss any concerns you may have. When you get home, depending on where you live and whether or not your baby has medical needs, you will be visited by a member of our community nursing team, your community paediatric team, or a community midwife or health visitor. You can also contact the nnu at any time if you have any questions when you are at home. The number for Special Care is 020 8725 1935.

Meet Ups for Graduates
The nnu staff are always delighted to see graduates for a quick visit on the unit and see how they are thriving! Why not pop up to the nnu next time you are at St George’s for a follow-up appointment?

First Touch is delighted to fund the annual graduates’ Christmas Party. It takes place on the second Sunday in December and is a fun afternoon of food, games and entertainment. The event is organised by the nnu staff. Please contact the unit directly on 020 8725 1936 for details.