Celebrity patrons

“As a local mother I knew of the excellent work of the Neonatal Unit at St George's Hospital. Having visited the Unit I was impressed and very moved by the tremendous work of the medical staff there. I am delighted to be Patron of the charity that supports the Neonatal Unit.”

Sophie Raworth, BBC Newsreader and Presenter

“I am really pleased to become a patron of First Touch. I was aware of the work of the neonatal unit at St George's and the unit's official charity through my husband, musician Jack McManus. I am delighted to support a charity that supports babies, their families and the staff who care for them."

Martine McCutcheon, Singer and award-winning actress

“I work for BBC Television's 'CBeebies' which has a very young audience so I'm proud to support this wonderful charity that helps everyone from the very small to the very tall to carry on living life to the max."

Chris Jarvis, CBBC Presenter

"A good friend's baby received excellent care at the neonatal unit at St George's, so I am delighted to support this fantastic cause and become a patron of First Touch"

Dhruv Baker, winner of BBC's Masterchef

“I became aware of the fantastic work of the Neonatal Unit when a friend's baby received care there. Knowing how the charity works to buy equipment for the Unit, and knowing how vital this equipment is for the wellbeing of the babies, I have been proud to have supported First Touch both by helping at fundraising events and by becoming a patron of the charity.”

Ortis Deley, CBBC and Gadget Show Presenter

“I am delighted to be a patron of the charity, I visited the unit following an approach from a contact in the music world and it became clear that there is so much vital equipment required by the Neonatal Unit to support these tiny babies. First Touch works hard to help support the unit with both equipment and welfare needs; it is great to be involved with a charity that makes such a dynamic impact in its field."

Jack McManus, Singer

“On March 11 2011 our little girl was born ten weeks early. Whisked away to the ICU, she was tiny, ill and grappling for life. In the days and weeks that followed we watched her fight for every breath. It was terrifying and life-changing, but through it all she was cared for by the most incredible nurses, consultants and doctors. We spent just over two months on the NNU and every day we were amazed by the unbelievable work carried out 24 hours a day. Even in the early hours of the morning, as I sat next to my baby's incubator, the nurses supported and reassured me. They talked to her and nursed her when my husband and I weren't with her. It is down to them and our daughter's determination that she is home with us today. We will be eternally grateful to them and I am thrilled to be a patron for First Touch. I want to continue working closely with this amazing charity to help other babies and their families.”

Ashling McCloy, Writer and style expert

“The Neonatal Unit looks after babies, who are part of a wider family. They often have older brothers and sisters who also spend a lot of time there whilst their family visits. First Touch has funded Family Rooms, toys for the creche and operates a welfare fund for families who are facing financial hardship. I am very pleased to be a patron of First Touch, and wish the charity continued success.”

Michael Absalom, Sports Commentator, CBBC's 'Best of Friends'