Staff training

First Touch is proud to support the medical staff who care for babies at the nnu. One way we do this is by funding specialist training for the unit’s nurses, doctors as well as the Family Centered Care Co-Ordinator and Counsellors, so that they all have access to the latest and best clinical knowledge and patient care.

The Practice Educator says “Nursing a neonatal baby in Intensive Care and High Dependency requires a very high level of skill and specialisation and the support First Touch provides in the area is invaluable.”

The medical dummies First Touch has bought enable staff to practice and master new procedures safely and parents of babies with a tracheostomy have also welcomed the opportunity to practice with the dummy in preparation for changing the tube on their baby.

First Touch also funds bereavement training days, with actors who enable staff to explore and practice various ways of communicating with parents. These sessions also seeks to develop sensitivity in the delivery of care and help to provide good memories for parents at a time of great sadness.

Conferences give staff from different units the opportunity to network, share research and new approaches to care which result in improved patient outcomes. First Touch provides financial support to enable unit staff to attend conferences as delegates and speakers.

Specialist Courses

First Touch regularly funds places on a variety short and long courses to enhance the skills and knowledge of our staff for the benefit of the babies and families on our unit. These include specialist breastfeeding, nutrition, developmental care, palliative and end of life care and bereavement conferences and study days.