Lions Ride Team Return To The Neonatal Unit

A while ago the Lions Ride team decided to take on a challenge in Leo and Max’s names. And by ‘challenge’ we certainly mean ‘challenge’! This team cycled all the way from Barcelona, Spain to St Tropez, southern France, to raise money for First Touch.

The challengers were featured on the Chris Evans’ radio show and on French radio.
Sponsorship flooded in, and the team raised over £100,000; the biggest single donation our small charity has ever received.
To remember the short yet important life of darling Leo, and in celebration of his gorgeous twin Max, the sponsorship money enabled First Touch to buy a huge array of equipment and provide welfare support for the neonatal unit. This includes a £60,000 transport incubator, 2 sofas for the staff room in Special Care, 2 twin cots, VCreate remote video access for families for a whole year, 5 privacy screens for SCBU families, and pumps & warmers for breast feeding mums.
What a difference has been made to the neonatal journey of babies and families in the boys’ names. We can never thank them all enough.
It took a while for the bespoke transport incubator and specialist trolley to be designed, manufactured and delivered to the neonatal unit, but now that it is set up at St George’s Hospital dad James, mum Kate, neonatal graduate Max, his younger brother Rafferty and members of the Lions Ride team were invited to the unit to unveil the equipment and place their plaques. A delicious lunch was also provided, and the cake made by Lucki looks superb!
We really can’t overstate the impact this huge donation has made to life at the neonatal unit, and our thanks will never be enough.

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