Elodie’s story

Elodie was born on 17th November 2016, World Prematurity Day, at 32 weeks weighing 1.5kg/3lb 7oz.

My waters went unexpectedly at 31 weeks and after a week of hospital stays and monitoring I started bleeding so I was whisked off for an emergency c-section.

The birth was a bit traumatic, Elodie was in an awkward position and required resuscitation on deliver.  However, thankfully, due to the steroid injections I’d received, she only required oxygen for about half a day.  This meant she was out of Intensive Care and High Dependency very quickly and into SCBU by day 3. 

There we settled into an easy routine of feeds and changes etc.  The care from the nursing and medical staff was outstanding; it’s an emotional time and they were fabulous in reassuring us.  We spent 3 weeks in SCBU whilst we established feeding and temperature regulation etc before taking Elodie home on 10th December to enjoy a family Christmas. 

As you can see, today Elodie is a thriving!

Knowing that First Touch was there in the background supporting both the parents and the staff was invaluable.  The equipment provided through charitable funding can make all the difference.  As can the tea and coffee always available!  First Touch will forever be in our hearts.

We wish them all every happiness.

[Photo courtesy of www.louisebjorling.com]