Ashton’s Story

When our son was born 3 months premature the thing that kept us going each day of the three months he spent in the amazing neonatal unit at St George’s Hospital was the wall covered with the stories of the amazing babies and how they came into the world under such traumatic circumstances with varying issues yet survived and thrived.

Ashton fit into the palm of the hand of the doctor who delivered him by emergency C-section and weighed just 1.49 kg. In July 2020 he celebrated his 16th birthday and he has grown into a strapping nearly 6 ft lad. He is a wonderful loving, kind, caring and fun boy with no health issues. He has high functioning Autism which although meant he struggled through school due to the sensory issues he faced, more recently it actually turned into a positive as his unique way of thinking and processing has led him on to a course at college in Media. His editing skills have landed him a summer  job editing videos for businesses and friends. 

I have always wanted to share his story in the hope it will help other parents and let them know that our special babies came into the world under exceptional circumstances and can achieve exceptional things. 

Ashton’s mum, Shaan Brunton