Edward’s Story


My name is Edward, I was born at St. George’s, 16 weeks prematurely. I was meant to be born on the end of January, but I was born at the beginning of October. I will be 15 on 12th October 2020.

I weighed 725 grams. I suffered a brain bleed at birth, and I had to spend the first four months of my life in hospital. Everyone in my family thought I wouldn’t make it, but miraculously, I survived, and I’m still alive today. 

I’m autistic, I have a stammer, I have dyspraxia, I have ADHD, but I am a very lucky person. I also go to a special school, where I have lots of friends who are very similar to me, and they also help me to feel happy and confident.

If you’ve just had a very early baby, and are feeling worried, I hope my story has helped.

Thank you 

Ed Smalldon